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About Us

We aim to level the fashion playing field - women have Victoria's Secret, now men have Groom Bros.  

We're a site dedicated entirely to fashion hacks for men. We've literally spent thousands of hours scouring the globe for the finest physical products that will improve the lives of lads nationwide. We rigorously scrutinise a myriad of products each year and select only a handful of items that we deem to be the very best out there. This is why you won't see dozens of mediocre items plastered thoughtlessly across our store. Our products are unashamedly designed to give instant results. If you look in the mirror for the first time after trying on a pair of our premium elevator shoes or one of our muscle enhancing shirts and experience anything less than a 'WOW' moment - send them back to us. We'll issue a full refund immediately. We're in this for the long haul and are in the business of acquiring customers for life. We want you to be on this journey with us as we bring our products to more and more men every day.

Subtle yet powerful

Every product we sell is designed for maximum impact. We want you to feel like a new man when you wear our game changing gear. At the same time, we ensure that your secret will be a safe one. Our packaging is as generic as it comes. Our height increasing elevator shoes look completely normal from the outside. Comparing them to the sea of poorly designed clunk-monsters out there is like comparing apples to school buses. Our padded muscle undershirts are designed to wrap tightly and naturally around your skin and will substantially improve your physical appearance. When creating these groundbreaking shirts British company Funkybod aimed to have them look completely natural when worn under a regular shirt - they nailed it.

Who are our customers?

Celebrities, high powered businessmen, police and security guards, tradesmen, grooms, party animals, the list is endless. Our customers as diverse as they are all share one thing in common, and that is an understanding of the importance of physical presence. It's no secret that when we look better on the outside we feel better on the inside. This can lead to all sorts of improvements in our professional and personal lives. Studies have shown again and again that taller, stronger looking men essentially win at life compared to their shorter, less toned counterparts. In this day and age we no longer have to be held back by our genetic code - so don't be.